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The Answers You Need

What do you do?

We remove junk fast and efficiently from residential and commercial properties. Our service includes a team of two, loading the materials from anywhere on your property, cleaning up at the end of the job and all disposal fees.

What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is three feet high by three feet wide by three feet deep, or 27 cubic feet.

Are you insured to do this work?

Yes. Our trucks and drivers are fully insured to do this work, including cover against any damage caused to a client’s property when removing junk from the premises.

How much notice do you require?

We can normally arrange a pick-up within 24 hrs but try to give us as much notice as possible to ensure your junk collection can be scheduled for a time most convenient to you. Nevertheless, if you need a job doing urgently, we can normally arrange a pick-up on the same day if we are available.

What do you do with the junk?

The majority is recycled or reused – by being given to charities, sold or taken to specialist recycling facilities. Where those options are not possible we take waste to licensed Waste Transfer Stations where it is sorted and disposed of in the least environmentally damaging manner possible.

Where are you based and operate?

Our head office is based in Vauxall (London) and we operate through all London areas.

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